How We Work
Collection Development
Fungsports can help you to launch a new product,design different types of sample like prototype and collection for woven and knit,our own manufactory to create your collection and bulk production.

Based on your design and technical specifications,we study and verify the project’s technical feasibility,the production method plan,costs and timelines for sampling,costs and timelines for flow production.

  • Sourcing
We provide you the best garment industry network to meet your requirements.
Our Fabric and Accessories department do whatever it takes to obtain the best quality and prices. Our partners provides a large range of accessories,every day we work diligently to find new suppliers and manufacturers in order to fulfill your expectations.

  • Production Follow-up
For each order,from prototype,revised sample,sizesets,till to procurement of raw materials,bulk production plan,quality control on both during and after production,Fungsports send a dedicated team to monitor and inspect each stage of production, to guarantee the speed and agility necessary to respecting our client commitments.

  • Quality Control
We want to earn and maintain the trust and respect of customers.we achieve this goal by operating a multi-checks process in order to provide the product you really expect.
Our Quality Control department does pre-in line, in line and final inspections to ensure the respect of the technical files,it is a back-and-forth process between your requirements and the production. Nothing can start without your approval.

  • Quality and Quantity control
In order to control production upstream, we have production samples made, which we then provide to you for confirmation,we exactly follow in detail as your quality control stipulations.
We check the fabric with several tests: washing, shrinkage, color fastness, skewness, etc. Additionally, we can apply a quality control methodology tailored to your specifications: for instance, random or 100% testing by the organization you want.
We verify the quantity of products ordered when they leave the factory.

  • -- Standards control
We also work with accreditation or quality control organizations, such as SGS,STR,they guarantee that our products reach the highest standards in terms of quality and working environment.

  • Shipment and Customs
Our shipment and logistic department is run by a multicultural team with an excellent knowledge of Chinese laws, customs, taxes and quotas,we work with the worldwide forwarder agents to ensure on time delivery.

Consultancy / Sourcing / Collection development / Quality Control / Production Follow-up / Shipment and Customs